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WESTMINSTER,  ?  tons,  sailed from Plymouth on 4 Dec 1842, arrived in Auckland, 1843.

Commissioners for Emigration recruited mainly englishmen due to the state of the English 
economy, the fact that many people were moving into the larger cities and that there was 
a lot of overcrowding in places such as London. There was also a spirit of opportunity 
and adventure in hearing about great gobs of land that 'no one' owned.

The first planned emigrant ship from England to Auckland was the Westminster which left 
from Plymouth.

Passengers from the Westminster had a very difficult time finding work.  The government 
had spent its Crown money, yet settlers were unable to purchase land directly from the 
Maori.  In addition, Auckland had to import its food - adding to the national debt, and 
it was in the midst of a depression.

The following was taken from the 'Certificate of Final Departure' which notes all names 
of those who set out from Plymouth on that winters day.

Names of those who disembarked at Auckland have been double-checked against the NZ Herald 
article, and the book, "The First Fleet of Auckland" (contains names of heads of families 
only) available at Auckland Public Libraries, or on the Interloan Library system.

last name, first name, sex, age, single/married, disembarked at Auckland

Left column - names from the 'Certificate of Final Departure'
Right column - names from NZ Herald 


Captain Forbes Michie, master; 


Adams, Henry          21  s
Barribal, Ann         28  m
Barribal, Charles     30  m Disembarked Auckland 
Barribal, John         6   
Barribal, Samuel       3   
Barribal, Sophia       1   
Barron, John          20  s Disembarked Auckland 
Bell, Richard         20  s Disembarked Auckland
Bennett, George       17  s Disembarked Auckland
Brooks, Ellen         1½   
Brooks, Ellen         23  m
Brooks, William Thomas 22 m Disembarked Auckland (Brooks, William Dennis)
Chariett, Charles     20  s
Cooper, William       16  s Disembarked Auckland 
Cozens, William       17  s Disembarked Auckland 
Dael, James           18  s Disembarked Auckland 
Dael, John            22  s Disembarked Auckland 
Darbey, John          20  m Disembarked Auckland (Darbey, Narroway John)
Darbey, Matilda       18  m
Davey, Anne           13   
Davey, Eliza          36  m
Davey, Elizabeth       8   
Davey, Ellen           ?   
Davey, Hetty           5   
Davey, James          16  s
Davey, Mary Ann        7   
Davey, Thomas         10   
Davey, Thomas         38  m Disembarked Auckland (Davy, Thomas)
Desmond, Henry        27  s Disembarked Auckland 
Dunn, Frances         28  m
Dunn, Timothy         36  m Disembarked Auckland
Edwards, William      19  s Disembarked Auckland (Edwars, William)
Elliot, Eliza         16  s
Elliot, George        14  s
Elliot, Mary Jane     21  s
Elliot, Samuel        55  m Disembarked Auckland
Elliot, William Henry 18  s Disembarked Auckland
Fowler, Ann           23  m
Fowler, Joan          28  m
Fowler, William       21  s Disembarked Auckland (Fowles, Isaac)
Goddard, Mary Ann     32  m
Goddard, William       4  s  
Goddard, William      31  m Disembarked Auckland
Grattan, Alexander    33  m Disembarked Auckland 
Grattan, Eliza         8   
Grattan, John          7   
Grattan, Mary         11   
Grattan, Rebecca      28  m
Green, Benjamin        8   
Green, Edward          5   
Green, Harriet        10   
Green, Harriet        41  m
Green, John           12   
Green, Thomas         17  s
Green, Thomas         40  m Disembarked Auckland 
Green, William        15  s 
Hall, Michael         18  s Disembarked Auckland 
Halson, Catherine     17  s
Harmer, Edward        29  s Disembarked Auckland
Harper, William       16  s
Heone, Bernard        22  m Disembarked Auckland
Heone, Catherine      infant
Heone, Janet          19  m
Hibborson, Abraham    21  s Disembarked Auckland
Hibborson, Joseph     30  s Disembarked Auckland
Hill, Albert           2   
Hill, Carlton         18  s
Hill, Emma            12   
Hill, Ernest           9   
Hill, Frederick        7   
Hill, James           38  m Disembarked Auckland 
Hill, Maria           29  m
Hill, Mary            17  s
Hill, Robert          10   
Hill, Sarah           14  s
Hillbrand, William    17  s Disembarked Auckland 
Hooper, Edwin          7   
Hooper, Elizabeth     34  s widow
Hooper, Elizabeth Ann 13
Hooper, Mary           5   
Hortigan, Michael     22  s Disembarked Auckland (Hortigon, Michael)
Humphrey, George      20  s Disembarked Auckland 
Joshbury, Henry       21  s
Keley, Kormak         20  
Kennedy, Margaret     20  s
Kennedy, William      22  s Disembarked Auckland
Knee, John            23  s Disembarked Auckland 
Landrick, Joseph      32  s Disembarked Auckland 
Lark, John            34  s Disembarked Auckland (Lork, John)
London, Anne          19  s
London, David         16  s
London, Ellen         37  m
London, John          14  s
London, Mary          14  s
London, Patrick        9   
London, Patrick       37  m Disembarked Auckland 
London, William       12  
Lonigan, Bartholomew  15  s Disembarked Auckland (Lonigan, John?)
Lonigan, Catherine    19  s
Lonigan, Daniel        9   
Lonigan, Jane         44  m
Lonigan, Lawrence     21  s Disembarked Auckland 
Lonigan, Margaret     11   
Lonigan, Mary         13   
Lonigan, Patrick      25  s Disembarked Auckland 
Lorrigan, Daniel      45  m Disembarked Auckland 
Lorrigan, John        23  s Disembarked Auckland 
Lorrigan, William     17  s Disembarked Auckland 
MacEmery, Thomas Geo  27  s
Marks, Charles        17  s
McCuatt, James        12  
McCuatt, Maria         5
McCuatt, Mary Ann     26  m
McCuatt, William      32  m Disembarked Auckland
McLeod, Frances       25  m
McLeod, James         25  m Disembarked Auckland
Merret, George        23  s
Merret, Henry         17  s Disembarked Auckland (Merrit, Henry)
Merret, Joseph        20  s Disembarked Auckland (Merrit, Joseph)
Morgan, Ann           35  s widow
Morgan, Charles       21  s Disembarked Auckland 
Morgan, Fanny         14  s
Morgan, James          4   
Morgan, Margaret      16  s
Morgan, Mary Ann      17  s
Nash, James           22  s Disembarked Auckland 
Nash, John            19  s Disembarked Auckland 
Page, Frederick       23  s Disembarked Auckland 
Palmer, James         12    Disembarked Auckland 
Palmer, Maria         18  s
Paradise, Joan        22  s Disembarked Auckland (Paradise, Isaac)
Paterson, Andrew      24  m Disembarked Auckland (Peterson, Andrew)
Paterson, Elizabeth   25  m
Peasdon, Ann          21  m
Peasdon, William      37  m
Pell, Elizabeth        4  
Pell, Hannah          22  m
Pell, John            20  s Disembarked Auckland
Pell, Walton          22  m Disembarked Auckland
Port, Edward          13   
Port, Jane Elizabeth  31  m
Port, John             5   
Port, Thomas          10   
Port, Thomas          34  m
Randles, Henry        17  s Disembarked Auckland  (Rendles, Henry)
Roach, Ann            14  s
Roach, Catherine       3
Roach, Margaret        1
Roach, Margaret       25  m
Roach, Patrick        25  s Disembarked Auckland 
Roach, Thomas         25  m
Rose, Charles Henry   11    Disembarked Auckland  (Rose, Henry)
Rose, John JR         15  s
Rose, Marian           9
Rose, Sarah            7
Rose, Sarah           36  m
Rose, William         36  m Disembarked Auckland 
Russell, Amelia       45  m
Russell, Henry         1   
Russell, Jane          4   
Russell, Mary          6   
Russell, William      12   
Russell, William      39  m Disembarked Auckland 
Scott, John           23  m Disembarked Auckland 
Senior, Joseph        18  s Disembarked Auckland 
Shepperd, Charles      2   
Shepperd, Heather     34  m
Shepperd, Thomas       4   
Shepperd, Thomas      36  m Disembarked Auckland (Shepard, Thomas)
Sholes, John          26  s
Skeers, Catherine     21  m
Skeers, Robert        19  m
Slemaker, Ellen       23  m
Slemaker, William     33  m Disembarked Auckland
Slow, Elizabeth       29  m
Slow, Esther          10   
Slow, Isabella        19  m
Slow, Mary            infant
Slow, Robert          32  m Disembarked Auckland 
Smith, Robert         15  s Disembarked Auckland 
Spore, Dorcas         24  m
Spore, Dorcas Eliz.    1
Spore, Harriet        30  s
Spore, James          27  m
Stanton, Elizabeth    31  m
Stanton, George       31  m Disembarked Auckland 
Stanton, Jane          7   
Stephen, Ann           2   
Stephen, Ann          55  m
Stephen, Eliza         8   
Stephen, John          5   
Stephen, Richard      57  m
Stockwell, Henry      23  s Disembarked Auckland 
Sullilvan, Elizabeth  21  s
Sullivan, Ellen       20  s
Tattersall, Ann       34  m
Tattersall, James      5   
Tattersall, Joseph     2   
Tattersall, Laurence   7   
Tattersall, Ralph     11   
Tattersall, William   13   
Tattersall, William   30  m
Walker, Ann           10   
Walker, Anne          36  m
Walker, Edward        12   
Walker, Edward        33  m
Walker, John           7   
Walker, Martha         1   
Wilkins, George       30  s Disembarked Auckland
Willetts, James        3
Willetts, Mary        30  m
Willetts, William      4
Willetts, William     34  m Disembarked Auckland
Wood, Abraham         36  m Disembarked Auckland
Wood, Louisa          36  m

Other passengers to disembark from the Westminster at Auckland include:
  Best, John
  Fishbury, Henry
  Parr, Thomas
  Terry, Charles
  Tholes, John 
  Thomas, Colonel
  White, Henry



©(NZ) Department of Internal Affairs File ref: 1845/2092: microfile 
no 1.2; Certificate of Final Departure

©McCarthy, Darry., (1978) "The First Fleet of Auckland." Pacer Printing Co 
Ltd., Box 13197, Onehunga, Auckland.

©Southern Cross, The NZ Guardian (December 1842)

Auckland Central City Library (1998): 44-46 Lorne St, Auckland City, New 
Zealand, or PO Box 4638, Auckland 1001, New Zealand.

Mount Albert Public Library (Take the "The Royal NZ Fencibles 1847-1852." book out on loan)

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